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Current Capital Projects @ The Unity Club

Our Capital Projects and Programs cover the spectrum from mundane to ridiculously ambitious.

IT/IS Infrastructure

Scheduling Software

If you are interested in helping the Club own it's meeting data (e.g. not hosted by Google), and thereby become searchable and sortable, please contact webmaster@unityclub.com to discuss your contribution that will allow us to purchase Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX for website integration with our scheduling software. 

Donor Management Software

The Unity Club selected and implemented use of GiftWorks Anywhere as a subscribed service in February 2010. 

Server Hardware

A funny thing happened on the way to...

Anyway, we had a deal through TechSoup to receive three refurbished Sun 4100 MP servers for $152 per unit.  The order was accepted, and then Sun was suddenly being purchased by Oracle and they cancelled all charitable giving.  Where did that leave us?  Without servers for our small but growing IT/IS needs, and without a server to allow multiple software development volunteers to work on our rapidly evolving website.  In addition, without a server to run a VoIP system that allows for some serious long-term money savings for the Club.

We're not sure where to turn at this point.  We have asked just about every vendor/donor for help, and yet, none is forthcoming. 

Please contact webmaster@unityclub.com if you want to target a contribution to acquire this hardware.  If the Club must pay full price, then we're looking at approximately $12,000 to get us well.  It may be time to look at HP and Dell!

Media Display System for Room 1


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