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Unity Club Membership Benefits

Members are entitled to vote for members of the Board and vote in any decision put before the membership for a vote. Members are entitled to hold office in keeping with the requirements set out in the Bylaws and may serve as members of committees of the Club.

At any time, a member may initiate an inquiry to the officers of the Board, or request consideration of any matter within their jurisdiction, except during the course of a regular or special Board meeting. At any regular or special meeting of the membership, any member may initiate a proposal(s) for consideration by the Board.

Here's the big benefits of being a Unity Club member, in non-lawyer speak.

  1. You get a tax deduction. To the extent the IRS allows. This can (and does) change, so check with whomever does your taxes.
  2. Annual, Decade, and Lifetime members: we give you a little gift 90 days after you signup and your check clears--or credit card. This shows how special and totally unique the Unity Club thinks yinse are for being a member. Because we all know how your circumstance has never happened to anybody else, ever. <wink>
  3. You get a totally groovy/phat/sick (pick your generation) very stylish membership card.  Paper for Six Month,  Student/Senior, and Annual.  Plastic for Decade and Lifetime members.
  4. You may receive discounts or other benefits that Club management arranges for the membership. Yes, I said, "May!"
  5. And last but not least, you get a vote in how this Unity Club is run (as detailed in the dry stuff above).

So, that's it.  No secret handshakes.  No mystical symbols.

...that they may solve their common problem...
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