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Volunteering at the Unity Club

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Yes, it is actually workVolunteers Are needed for the following areas:

  • Club Maintenance, Cleaning, and General Up-keep
  • Activity & Event Staff
  • Promotion of Events
  • Golf Tournaments Staff
  • Office and Clerical
  • Letter Writing, Advertising Copy Writers, & Fundraising Ambassadors
  • Computer & IT Network Administration
  • Graphic Design (Photoshop CS3, GIMP, InkScape, Publisher)
  • Sofware Developers (C#, JavaScript, Ajax, Silverlight)
  • Data Entry
  • Newsletter Staff, Including:
  • Writers, Photographers, Copy Editors, Typesetters, Advertising/Sponsor Sales
  • Volunteer Coordinators
  • Meeting Liaisons

Volunteering at the Unity Club is a recognized form of Community Service!  Contact the Unity Club Volunteer Coordinator for details.

What are the requirements of a volunteer?

Each volunteer must:

  1. Be at least 18 years or older, no exceptions considered.
  2. Be a member of a Unity Club-based fellowship, or;
  3. Be a student enrolled in an associated social services course of study.  (Volunteering at the Unity Club is NOT an internship.)
  4. Be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. (when appropriate)
  5. Dress appropriately, in accordance with your particular job or activity.
  6. Become familiar with and abide by the policies and procedures as outlined in the Volunteer Guidelines or as explained by staff.
  7. Represent the Unity Club, at all times, in an appropriate and responsible manner.
  8. Act as a member of the Unity Club team when working with other volunteers and staff.
  9. Be prompt and reliable in reporting for assignments, meetings, or training sessions.
  10. If unable to report, make arrangements with someone on the substitute list (if applicable), or call the Volunteer Coordinator to let us know.
  11. Attend scheduled training sessions.
  12. Should you decide to conclude volunteering, inform the Volunteer Coordinator, and return any Unity Club property in your possession.
  13. Understand that irregular attendance, poor performance, or failure to adhere to Unity Club rules may be interpreted as a volunteer's desire to resign.

Still interested in volunteering with the Unity Club?  Contact the Club Manager or Volunteer Coordinator at the Unity Club for more information.

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